India's Stand on 26/11 Mumbai Attacks

Topics: Terrorism, New Delhi, India Pages: 5 (1772 words) Published: March 6, 2009
Even after 3 months of the incident that shook the whole country, there are no great outcomes of the terror attacks. The policy of Indian government to mount international pressure on Pakistan has only, till now led to it's acceptance that the terrorists hailed from Pakistan. What do you think? Should India do something else or just wait for another attack on herself?

India handled the whole episode like classic idiots. India believed that US will come running to help India or US will kick on the backsides of Pakistan to give up terror plots and implementation against India. India failed miserably to extract FIRM commitment towards the above from US by suitably capitalising on the fact that 2-3 US intelligence operatives were killed in Taj Hotel.. Subsequent US interaction with Pakistan was aimed only towards securing US nationals’ safety in the region and strategising US operations in Afghanistan. That’s why Joint Chiefs of Staff and CIA topdog visited Pakistan recently – not to help India, but to safeguard their own interest. If Indians had the unity and the guts of the Israelis, this festering issue would have got sorted out decades ago. But West knows that will not happen with the political parties/bosses squabbling like canines, and ready to sell their mothers/motherland for peanuts. When a country has a PM but only in name, and instead the country is run by a mediocre, sycophant seeking megalomaniac party president, that country ought to get the treatment it deserves. And, India is getting the treatment it deserves from the international community. India is now flailing like a blind person seeking someone to help its diplomatic efforts. It has made a caricature of itself by even begging Iran to pressurise Pakistan - a move that will blow the fuse of US and its lackeys.

Lets review the situation before n during 26/11

India's intelligence service failed to act on intercepted phone conversations that an attack on Mumbai was imminent and the subsequent response to the terrorist strikes was "amateur", security experts have claimed

From an eye witness on Mumbai CST station “the CRPF jawaans and Railway police officers were hiding on first floors when attackers were firing bullets from their AK47’s for 45 minutes on the station”. Most of the police force don’t even have sophisticated automatic pistols and still have to do away with their service revolvers, forget about equipping them with AK 47 Protecting our National Border is a responsibility which cannot be ignored even if it is too difficult a task or costly in terms of money involved. We can spend millions of dollars on sending Chandrayaan to probe Moon’s surface and to study its composition but we cant use satellites to observe our National border.

Even The diplomatic aftermath of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks is being handled by the Indian government in an inept manner. Purposefully addressing the issue of terrorism in the region, and working to halt attacks against India in particular, are clearly in the wider strategic interest of the country and ought to be what the nation should strive towards. At best, however, all that India has managed to do is throw together a muddled ‘shaming campaign’ against Pakistan. India has missed the forest for the trees. Dealing with Pakistan and its myriad actors in times of tension and crisis demands a more superior level of political imagination and diplomatic manoeuvring than what the Government of India has demonstrated so far. Failure of diplomacy

India’s most prominent failure since the catastrophe of 26/11 has been that it has patently failed to make use of diplomacy to ensure that the perpetrators of terrorism in Pakistan are held responsible in an appropriately comprehensive manner. We have failed to de-hyphenate Pakistan from India. In doing so we have failed, once again, to negate the pervasive belief that all that we two neighbours can engage in is immature, tit-for-tat, counterblow relations. New Delhi...
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