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Okay so i wanted to write about teenage rights. this is what iv got so far: I, as a teen declare the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In order for teenagers to maintain equality amongst the youthful crowds we hereby submit a request for the reasonable fair distribution of privileges. NOW i have no idea what else to write. my writing style has to be like T. Jefferson's but idk how 2 do that. and i need to write a thesis statement of how teenage rights affects the society and how it's beneficial. and i need like 10 complaints relating to "teenage rights" (maybe give me 3 so i can get started?) HELP PLEASE! I totally dont get this thing. and my teacher is horrible, she gave us a page direction and 2 day's 2 do it but she's not going to be here tomorrow so i can't get help from her! so please?! 1 year ago Report Abuse

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I Thank Both of you guys for ur great help but i can only pick one best answer if i could pick both, it would totally be both of u guys! u guys are a life saver!!!!!! 1 year ago

it wont let me pick the best answer right now, so i promise the best answer will be rated tomorrow. i promise. :) Thank You so so so much guys! 1 year ago

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Yeah this is some BS assignment.

Here's the declaration of independence:…

Basically with high schools, what you need to do with most teachers is be as pretentious as possible and exagerate everything. Like if you're writing about a few suggestions to improve the education system, phrase it like you want the whole education system to be overhauled and radically replaced, but then just say the same few suggestions. With this particular assignment, you need to phrase it like "teenage rights" is the most important thing ever.

Use words/phrases like "natural rights," "endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights," "freedom," "tyranny," etc. Basically any psuedo-Locke sounding...
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