Increasing Milk Production Is the Key to Alleviate All Sorts of Socio-Economic Problems Prevailing in Dairy and Rural Sector

Topics: Dairy farming, Dairy, Milk Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: March 19, 2013
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Title:Increasing milk production (both in rural and urban area) is the only key to alleviate all sorts of socio-economic problems prevailing in dairy and rural sector Dairy industry is of crucial importance to India. The country is the world’s largest milk producer but at the same time largest consumer of dairy products, consuming almost 100% of its own milk production. Export figures clearly demonstrate that the Indian dairy export is still in its infancy and the surpluses are occasional. So, efforts should be made to increase productivity of animals, better health care and breeding facilities, management of dairy animals and also enhancing quality of feed. Old age traditional methods don’t suffice and hence to enhance milk production in scientific manner, action research in dairy is need of the hour. For this, two important issues to be considered are: 1. To increase the milk production

2. To make milk available to all (rural and urban sectors) especially in lean season The measures that can be taken to enhance milk production and making it available to all includes: i. Research to produce high milk yielding varieties keeping in view the local climatic conditions and availability of raw material and making these breeds available to farmers. ii. Research on production of quality feed for the cattles so as to enhance milk yield should reach the farmers as some states lack good irrigation facilities and for this diversions of rivers to the respective village that it merging in sea. iii. Availability and check on the veterinary doctors 24x7 even on government holidays as a huge number of cattles die due to lack of proper watch on these dispensaries. iv. For the farmers having few cattles, say one or two per family, centally hygienic and protective place can be made. v. For the farmers having few cattles, during lean season and dry period, these farmers don’t get sufficient milk and have to rely on the market milk and for this,...
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