In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Management information system Pages: 29 (7052 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Postgraduate Certificate in
Frontline Leadership and Management


Student Name| Hazel Colquhoun| Organisation| N.H.S. G.J.N.H| Assignment Module | Information Management and Decision Making| Date Submittedby student| 18/11/2010| Assessor| 1st | 2nd| |

Date Marked| 1st | 2nd| |


Postgraduate Level Marking (Individual Coursework)

Band| Mid Point Grade| Description|
70% +| 85%| An excellent assignment that displays very thorough comprehension of all major issues. Extensive and well informed critical analysis. The presentation is appropriate and of a high standard. Strong evidence of depth and breadth of reading and good use of a range of sources mostly of high quality. Referencing is consistently high standard. | 60% - 69%| 65%| A very good assignment which demonstrates a significant degree of independent criticism and analysis of most major issues. It offers a thorough review and analysis of appropriate materials. Good depth / breadth of reading / research. Very good presentation and referencing.| 50% - 59%| 55%| A good assignment which demonstrates a logical and coherent analysis of most relevant issues and contains some evidence of independent criticism and analysis. Overall analysis is clear, expressed well and free from major errors. Reasonable depth / breadth of reading / research. Referencing is good. Good presentation.| 40% - 49%| 45%| A satisfactory assignment which demonstrates reasonable discussion of material and comprehension of most important issues. May contain a few errors, omissions or inadequately expressed ideas. Presentation is to a reasonable standard and some referencing is evident. May lack depth / breadth of reading / research.| 35% - 39%| 37%| A marginally failed assignment which may address central issues, but which demonstrates only elementary understanding. Lacks a critical approach and is insufficiently researched or developed. Presentation, expression and / or referencing may be inadequate.| < 35%| 18%| An assignment which is inadequate in terms of understanding of the basic issues. Contains major errors and / or omissions. Usually deficient in some of the following: comprehension, background reading, analysis, presentation and referencing.| 0| 0| This grade may be used to record a failure resulting from work, which is submitted late without prior permission, or without adequate explanation. It will also be used to record failure through non-submission or where sources have to be verified.|


Presentation – including structure, visual impact, logical development, referencing, clarity of explanation /10%| |
Reflective learning – to support on-going personal development / 10%| |
Content – coverage of issues raised in the selected sections of the assignment brief / 30%| |

Application of theory to practice / 20%| |
Quality of analysis of key concepts, models and theories / 30%| |
Conclusion, recommendations, advice to student in the case of resubmissionTOTAL %|

Date …| Signature…|

Assignment Title| In God we trust, all others must bring Data| Module| Information Management and Decision Making|
Student Name| Hazel J. Colquhoun
Student ID No| DMU P09133223 |
Tutor| Don Garford|
Word Count| 3617|

In God we trust, all others must bring Data...
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