Improving School Attendance

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There are many reasons that a student might miss school. Two reasons that often keep a student from attending are transportation and finances. Unfortunately, without a proper education, it is unlikely that either of those factors would improve. However, there are ways to get around not having adequate transportation and even not having enough money. If a student misses school because of a lack of transportation, then he or she must look into finding proper public transportation. If the city where the student lives has a good bus system, then they need to find out the closest bus stop, the cheapest way to purchase fare, and the times the bus runs. If public transportation is not an option, then it may be necessary for the student to rely on friends or family. When this is the case, it is important that they consider their friends’ and family’s schedule and plan ahead to ensure that they can be in class on time. Finally, if this is not an option, then they may want to look into carpooling with another student from the class. Often schools will have bulletin boards available for others who are looking to share rides. The key to finding proper transportation is to look into all options and plan ahead. When finances are a factor, it can be much more difficult for a person to attend class on a regular basis or even take classes each semester. If money is a problem, then it is usually necessary for the student to decide if work is more necessary than school. Students who must work part or even full-time to pay the bills need to plan their work and school schedules very carefully. It is vital that their employer gives them the flexible schedule they need in order to attend classes. If an employer will not allow a student to have a flexible schedule, then it may be necessary for the student to find employment that does support educational endeavors.

If a student is determined to attend school, but they cannot find a job that will allow them to take classes...
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