Improving Organizational Performance

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Improving Organizational Performance
PSY 428
February 18, 2013

Improving Organizational Performance
In some cases, organizations need help improving performance successfully to achieve the goals that are set. There are several approaches that can be taken to address organizational challenges, which involves finding the root causes of the issues and applying intervention to address the problems. This summary will address how to improve organizational performance at Airdevils, Inc. by acknowledging the situation, what are the recommendations to resolve the situation, and what theories can be used to increase productivity,

Celsey Evan founded Airdevils, Inc., in 1995. Airdevils cater to the motion picture and television production, demonstration events, publicity stunts, and marketing campaigns. In the last two years, job satisfaction has been low and may long time employees have left the organization. Not to mention, regular employees have expressed dissatisfaction with the stunts are performed. Stunt performers cause of low job satisfaction is the inability to perform stunts that is exciting. Stunt performers are motivated by the degree of challenges in the stunts that are performed. The stunts performed are not as exciting and challenging, as before because of a change in organizational structure (University of Phoenix, n.d.). The organization divided stunt performers into groups based on skill set that meant the performer was allowed to do only the stunts that he or she specialized in. This forced the performers to boring routines instead of stunts that were adventurous and risk-taking. These routines caused performers to believe the organization had become inflexible. Celsey wanted to make changes within the organization that would make the organization more flexible and improve job satisfaction (University of Phoenix, n.d.). The key reasons behind the drop in job performance have been identified along with a budget to help...
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