Psy 428 Week 4 Individual

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Improving Organizational Performance
October 8, 2012

Improving Organizational Performance
The improving organizational performance simulation is about Airdevils Incorporated, which is a professional stunt company in Salt Lake City, Utah. This paper will cover a description of the four phases of the simulation to include a description of each situation, the recommended solution, and the results. A discussion will take place of the organizational psychology concepts in the simulation. Some items to address consist of theories of employee motivation to increase productivity, how to use knowledge of human behavior, cognition, and affect to enhance relationships in the workplace, and how organizations can reduce workplace stressors for employees. The purpose of the simulation is to determine methods that will increase the level of job satisfaction in the stunt workers. Phase One

The first phase consists of determining the hypothesis statement that best fits the primary reason why employees have a low level of job satisfaction. The chosen hypothesis statement is that the stunts have become routine and not exciting enough. In addition, stunt workers’ suggestions are not being listened to. The reason this recommendation was given is because performance levels have decreased as well as complaints from customers about the lack of quality in the stunts. The result of the recommendation is that it is the correct one. Phase Two

At this point, the stunt workers are dissatisfied and consider the organization to be inflexible. The appropriate interventions selected include training in other stunts, allowing participation in open competitions, job design, and rotation in industry meets. The four selections allow the organization to remain under budget and address the needs of the stunt workers to become more excited and interested in the stunts as well as define each stunt workers role and responsibilities. The result of the selections is that...
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