Improving Organizationa Performance

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Improving Organizational Performance

Organizational performance within any organization is directly influenced by an employee’s overall job satisfaction. Employer’s that maintain a low turnaround of employees have generally provided a work environment that is favorable to his or her employee’s needs and wants. Employers across the world are continuously consulting with organizational psychologists to provide the work environment that employees are in search of. If this is achieved, employers usually have an overall high percentage of job satisfaction among the employees and less stressful work environment. Employers are constantly seeking job satisfaction from his or her employees because the employer knows that the employee tends to work harder and more efficient if he or she is satisfied with the conditions in which he or she works in.

In the first part of the simulation, job satisfaction among the stunt performers is low. The stunt performers are also communicating on a blog site expressing the discontent in which each feels about the organization. Although scores from the survey suggested that the major issues within the organization is the pay and rate of promotion, the blogs suggest that the true nature of an aerial stunt performer is evolved around the challenge of the stunt. The stunt performers are clearly dissatisfied with the lack of challenge of the stunts and the lack of implementing more difficult stunts. I believe the implementation of more difficult stunts and a constant upgrade of the stunts would boost the morale of the stunt performers. I believe this because mundane stunts were an issue for some of the performers. Allowing the stunt performers to actually design and create some of the stunts would definitely help increase job satisfaction. This would allow the performers to become more involved in his or her work and begin to appreciate the stunts more. This would rectify the issue of routine stunts and add excitement to...
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