Importance of Motivativation

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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In 1960 Douglas McGregor, a professor of Industrial Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented his view about the nature of people in his book “The human side of Enterprise [1]”. In order to explain the nature of people McGregor identified two set of assumption known as theory X and Theory Y. With the help of these theories the importance of motivation is discussed in this chapter. Theory X assumptions

* Individuals inherently dislike the work and will avoid work if they can. * Mangers have to control, direct and coerce employees with punishment to make them work towards organizational goals. * People prefer to be directed, wish to avoid responsibility and above all want security. Theory Y assumptions

* People do not have any nature dislike for work and they put their physical and mental effort for work. * Peoples are internally motivated to achieve their goals to which they are committed. * Most people are innovative in solving organizational problems. * Job satisfaction brings commitment in employees towards organizational goals. Importance of motivation in an organization

A manager is a person responsible for planning and directing the work of a group of individuals by monitoring their work, and taking corrective action whenever it is necessary. I strongly agree the fact that, a manager’s role is to mentor his juniors and motivate them even at the risk of apportioning less time for reaching his own goals. It is clear that a manager with his own efforts, cannot reach his goals, if his subordinates doesn’t corporate with him. So it is very important for a manger to get the work done through people. To do this the manager should be able to influence and motivate team members to perform well and accomplish the organizational objectives. Therefore motivation is one of the most underlying factors that drive all human beings towards their destination. It can have an effect on the output of your business. Just imagine...
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