Importance of Lubricant Analysis

Topics: Petroleum, Lubricant, Motor oil Pages: 33 (9757 words) Published: January 9, 2013

Perić R. Sreten, University of Defence in Belgrade, Military Academy, Department of Military Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade DOI: 10.2298/vojtehg1202156P

FIELD: Mechanical Engineering, Engines and Motor Vehicles ARTICLE TYPE: Original Scientific Paper

Summary: Monitoring the performance of lubricants in practical application has multiple significance for both the consumer and the lubricant manufacturer. The primary significance for the consumer is extended life and timely change of lubricants, which keeps the costs of maintenance down. The lubricant manufacturer gains by creating a partner relationship with the consumer, as well as creating the possibility of gathering information about the performance of his product which will serve as the foundation for its further improvement and development. If we wish to maintain technical systems so that they have minimum halts and costs caused by halt removal or system failures, we must monitor data indicating equipment condition throughout the system operation. It is especially difficult to obtain data on equipment condition for parts which cannot be observed due to their position. In such cases, the oil analysis enables a continuous equipment condition monitoring and timely response in order to prevent undesirable prolonged halts. Key words: monitoring, maintenance, Oil Analysis.

he basic role of lubricants i.e. lubrication is to reduce friction and hence prevent the wear of material surfaces the relation of which is conditioned by relative mutual movements. However, it is essential that the lubricant also has other functional properties that will ensure its efficient application. These are, above all, good oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion protection property, compatibility with different materials, low foaming, ability to release air, good detergent-dispersant properties, good deemulsification, and the like. The use of lubricants inevitably leads to the impairment of its performances. These negative changes are most usually caused by thermal load and/or influence of different kinds of pollution, to which lubricants are exposed during service.



Thermal loads may be generated as a result of high mechanical loads or prolonged exposure to increased temperatures. Different kinds of pollution are also a frequent cause of lubricant degradation. Gaseous combustion products, air, water, glycol, fuel, various process media, wear products, and other pollutants, may be the cause of a serious impairment of the condition of the lubricant, but also of the device itself. That is why it is necessary to monitor changes in lubricant performances, based on which one may determine a timely change of lubricant, thus prolonging its service life and preventing any major failures or damage to the system. Knowing analitycal properties of lubricants is the basis for making a decision in development, production and application of lubricants. The lubricant classifications and the approved system specify many performance charracteristics and analytical tests. The analytical tests are classical and instrumental. Instrumental techniques have the advantages such as a small quantity of samples and rapid analyses, but they need a special operator. Different technical systems require appropriate lubricants to be used at an appropriate position, at appropriate time and in appropriate quantity. Rationalization of lubricant consumption represents a significant task achieveable by on-time oil replacement. This allows for a maximum period of use and, in the same time, appreciable quantity of lubrication. In regard with the primary role of lubricants to reduce the negative effects of tribological processes related to friction, wear and increase of temperature in the tribomehanical systems, all types of maintenance include lubrication as a...
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