How to Change the Oil in a Car

Topics: Hydraulic fluid, Mineral oil, Air filter Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: June 18, 2008
How to Change the Oil in a Car

Not maintaining the engine in a vehicle will cause engine wear and it may fall into complete disrepair. One of the most important procedures in engine maintenance is regularly changing the oil. The reason for this is that dirty oil does not lubricate well resulting in premature engine wear. In this essay you will learn how to change oil as well as other minor maintenance items to look at while performing the oil change. First stage is the pre-check, the next stage is draining, the final stage includes filling and post-check. Be sure to have the proper materials such as a drain pan, oil, oil filter, and wrenches.

The first step of pre-check is to park the vehicle where the maintenance will be performed. With the vehicle in park and the engine running, check the transmission fluid level. At this point check all the exterior lights to see if they need to be replaced. Turn the engine off, and check the oil level to see how low it is if at all. Take this opportunity to check the air filter for dirt and liquid. Typically check the air filter every two to three oil changes. It is a good idea to note brake fluid, power steering fluid and washer fluids levels before moving underneath the car to drain it.

Having checked all the fluids and minor maintenance items, it is time to move to the draining stage. The first step in this stage is to remove the oil cap and place it out of the way. With the drain pan lined up under the drain plug, use the appropriate wrench to remove the drain plug. At this point, inspect the drain plug for any damage and replace it if necessary. While the oil is draining remove the oil filter as long as the drain pan is lined up under it. While waiting for the oil to drain, inspect the undercarriage for any leaks or other obvious items in need of repair.

The first step of the final stage is to install the new pre-lubed oil filter making sure the old filter...
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