Importance of Life

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Importance of Life
In my life, there are three dedications, which are important to me clear and extremely strong; which are the acquaintance of nature, connections of relationships, and the pursuit of understanding. These three dedications have shaped and guided my life and will continue to guide me on my life’s journey. I have explored an acquaintance with nature; first, because it brings peace, and the meaning of life. Second, I have quarry of nature. Nature, which emphasizes confidence to accomplish dreams. I have explored it; finally, because in knowing nature’s miracles, I have seen that miracles do exist, like the painting of rainbows following the storm. I believe this is what I am searching for, and through natures miracles I have seen the light and hope. With strong and equal love, I have pursuit meaningful and strong relationships. I hope to have a stronger bond with the people I love throughout my life. So close that when I am losing one of them the pain in my heart tears, it is then that I would know that we have loved each other. Pieces of our lives have become a part of the people we love and when we are about to lose them or we lose them, we actually lose a part of ourselves. I do not believe that this will ever happen because the connection between us will always exist. A quest for understanding my life now fills my mind with so many questions that I want to find answers to. Finding the answers to these questions are up to me. People can only guide us to a certain extent and after that we must take over and complete our own journey. This is a journey that I must walk, find answers to understand life, and reveal answers. I believe I am walking the path. This is why I am here and it is my purpose of life. I believe that in life we must live to find answers to our questions and make our life worth. In conclusion, I also believe that this is my life. Desires are what we live for and what is worth to wait; already having the chance to find answer is a...
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