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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Every person’s life is the road to oneself. Not a single person has ever been fully complete, but instead everybody strives to achieve that completeness, some make it unconsciously and others make it clearly, each putting their best effort to accomplish their goals. There is no other reality but the reality we have within us.

Hermann Hesse gives relentless criticism of modern civilization and morbid civil society which will create one of the greatest and most impeccable books of all time. He protests against all forms of totalitarianism and is a relentless advocate for world peace. He rejects all forms of coercion of the spiritual freedom, over the simple and creative life.Thus leading to question the extremes of internal satisfaction, knowing that by saving one lost soul you have actually resurrected two.

In ‘Demian’ Sinclair is that lost soul, who comes in between two very different worlds. The first world is the good one – his home, and the other world is the bad one – the one that is outside of his home. This book chronicles the intellectual and emotional development of Emil Sinclair, the protagonist and narrator of the story. Even though Sinclair will be powerless and confused, his curiosity will bring him to the person that will show him the right way. That person will be Demian. The road to self-discovery will be a bumpy ride for Sinclair. He will have to taste evil in order to shape his own character and to find Demian in himself
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