Importance of Effective Communication

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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In this age of competition communication is the number one problem of the management.Competition, complex methods of production, large scale operations and specialisation in production functions have increased the importance of communication. Without effectivecommunication a manager cannot perform his duties well. Communication is as essential to business as blood is to the human body. Success of the communication system affects the successof business. The following points will prove its importance in business: 1.Smooth Working of a Business Firm

Communication is necessary for the successful smooth and unrestricted working of anenterprise. All organisational interaction depends upon working of an enterprise. All organisationalinteraction depends upon communication. The manager co-ordinates the human and the physicalelements of an organisation into an efficient and working unit that achieves common objectives. Beit an activity of purchase or sale or production or finance it is the process of communication thatmakes cooperative action possible. The internal and external communication process of anorganisation decides the various activities to be done and various objectives to be achieved.“Communication is basic to an organisation’s existence from birth of the organisation through itscontinuing life when communication stops, organised activity ceases to exist.” 2.Basis of Managerial Function

Communication plays an important role in discharging the various functions of management. No function of management is possible without the communication process. Itsimportance in performing the various functions is as follows:i. Planning

: Planning the most important among the functions of management, requiresextensive communication among the executives and the other personnel. Communication isimportant in executing a planned programme and then controlling the activities of the personnel with the help of feedback information.ii....
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