Impact of E-Commerce in Modernisation of Traditional Enterprises with Special Reference to the Entrepreneurship Development in Bodoland Territorial Area District (Btad) of Assam

Topics: Electronic commerce, Entrepreneurship, Business Pages: 6 (1738 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Impact of E-commerce in Modernisation of Traditional Enterprises with special reference to the Entrepreneurship development in Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) of Assam 1. INTRODUCTION:

The term Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce consists of all business activities carried on with the use of electronic media that depend on the Internet, such as e-mail, instant messaging, shopping carts, Web services, UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and all forms of messaging between enterprises. E- Commerce can be between two businesses transmitting funds, goods, services and data or between a business and a customer. In simple words, E-Commerce involves buying and selling of goods and services over the World Wide Web or Internet. Customers can purchase anything right from a mobile set or a book sitting in his room by click of a mouse. Because of E-Commerce, the world stands at the edge of a new revolution. With the easing of the telecommunication sector world wide, the use of E-Commerce will increase rapidly. E- Commerce brings new opportunities for enterprises to access markets of all over world. Every service and information about the product is available just on a mouse click. The modern technology offers an opportunity to enterprises to upgrade themselves and enter the global market at the right time and at a low cost. This would work like a boon for the entrepreneurs in rural area of BTAD. E-Commerce may involve selling directly from Businesses-to-Consumers (B2C E-Commerce). For example, a number of craft producers and tourism enterprises have already found some success dealing directly with customers. E-Commerce can also be conducted directly between Businesses (B2B E-Commerce). This is by far the most common type of E-Commerce at present. There is also Business-to-Government activity (B2G E-Commerce) that refers to the growth in supply of goods and services for online government procurement – potentially a large growth area in developing countries. An Entrepreneur is a business leader who has a pivotal role in fostering economic growth. An entrepreneur can be regarded as a person who has the initiative skill and motivation to set up a business or enterprise of his own and who always looks for high achievements. He is the catalyst for social change and works for the common good. They look for opportunities, identify them and seize them mainly for economic gains. An action oriented entrepreneur is a highly calculative individual who is always willing to undertake risks in order to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs generate employment both directly and indirectly. Directly, self employment as an entrepreneur and indirectly by starting many industrial units they offer jobs to others. Thus entrepreneurship is the best way to fight the evil of unemployment in the BTAD area. For North-East region such as BTAD area one of the most important benefits of E-Commerce is its potential to help a developing rural areas to transform into the knowledge model region. The positive effects of E-Commerce can be adopted by the traditional entrepreneurs in BTAD area to modernise their local or native enterprises. E-Commerce can stimulate the traditional entrepreneurs of BTAD area by opening new possibilities to them and thus help to grow the economy of BTAD area. E-Commerce is as a new way of helping business enterprises of the rural areas of BTAD to compete in the market and thus contributing to economic success as well. E-Commerce involves the selling and buying of goods and services over World Wide Web i.e. Internet or others Electronic media by businesses, individuals, governments or other organisations. Customers can buy anything right from a mobile set or can book an Air ticket sitting in his room just by click of a mouse. The traditional enterprises of BTAD area can be modernise with the help...
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