Impact of Social Networking Sites

Topics: Facebook, Twitter, Social network aggregation Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Decreased productivity:
* Employees would get distracted when they have access to social networking sites. This will decrease their work efficiency, hence decreasing the productivity of the company. * Even if they are using the social networking sites for promotion or advertisements (job-related work), it is impossible to justify or make sure that every second they are on the social networking site, they are doing job-related work. If we cannot justify that, we cannot justify the salaries of the employees because they are paid to work, not to facebook. * It does not do the company any good in terms of their productivity if they allow their employees to access social networking sites in workplaces, as they would not be able to track what they employees are doing (whether they are doing job-related work or not). Hence, this is not cost-efficient and it is a waste of human resource as the salaries paid to the employees are not justified. * Company Security. The social media is on the World Wide Web and it is very easy for anyone and anybody from anywhere to simply hack in or simply cause a little trouble. Say, some private projects get accidentally exposed. Information can be easily gotten from the internet, and so unwanted information leaked can also be spread like wild fire. Employees will undoubtedly end up chatting with friends on the social media sites, and may accidentally leak out info when complaining to a friend, whom they did not know was from a possible competitor of the company, for example.

Insignificant educational information on the social networking site: * Although some may argue that students can learn something new through the social networking sites, but the truth is the information we get on social networking sites are not significant in terms of educational purposes. What we normally see on these sites are probably latest updates that our friends post. Hence, there is no educational information on...
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