Career Skiils -1

Topics: Employment, Social network service Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Social Networking and the Workplace
Cheryl Joiner
Career Skills- 1
Everest University Online

1. Should a company view information on these sites when determining whether to hire an individual? I do not believe a company should view these sites when determining whether to hire an individual or not. The reason I believe this is sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc. is a place for friends and family and some statements made on the site towards their friends and family may be taken out of context by an employer who does not know the person personally. Also it goes back to free speech, what you say on your own wall or page should not be held against you when applying for a job. 2. When posting information to a personal account (pictures, statements, etc.) during non-work hours, does an employee still need to consider company policies? I do not believe there should not be a company policy that incorporates what you do on your on social site.. If so, why?

As long as it is done during non – working hours, and does not effect the company directly such as slander to the company then it is not the companies concern 3. Should companies allow employees to surf social networking sites during work hours? I believe a company should allow employees to surf social networking site during work hours only if it is a slight mind distraction , not to be played on all day. I mean slight distraction as a way to get a mind break, sometimes the mind needs a break even during work hours , if it is becoming to stressed. However, I do believe employees should not be on the social networking site all day and not accomplishing their task.
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