Impact of Organized Retailing on Unorganized Retailing in India

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  • Published : May 25, 2011
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Retailing is playing a major part in Indian business emergence. There are many modern business systems taking place in Indian market because of Globalization. But retailing is the foremost part of them which is predicted to have a better growth. When it was said retailing, organized and unorganized retailing will come in to picture to debate. Unorganized retailing is the tradition of India and organized retailing was on track from early 90’s. In this context organized retailing is successively grown in recent years. Concerns are raised by many unorganized retailers that emergence of organized retailing is showing an adverse affect on unorganized retail. The book “Impact of Organized Retailing on Unorganized Sector” discussed about the existence of adverse affect of organized retailing on unorganized sector. This book also enlightened if there exist an adverse affect, how much does organized retailing is affecting unorganized sector. OVERVIEW:

This book from ICRIER discussed many considerations to bring the real impact of organized retailing on unorganized retailing. The authors while analyzing considered many factors like “Effect on employment that how organized retailing is enhancing the job opportunities and the growth prospectus. This book also gave an idea about Impact on Consumers by bringing in to picture in relation to savings when shopped in organized outlets. The authors of this book even discussed many factors out of which primarily aimed at revenues to the government from both organized and unorganized retailers. Results from consumer surveys are made to understand their savings while shopped in organized outlets and which social class of people is saving more from these outlets. Conclusion made by the authors included all the particulars mentioned above.

The Core purpose of the book is to explore the positive effects of the organized retailing by studying the retail market in India. This book also aimed to answer the...
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