Impact of Marketing Mix on Brand Reputation of Nokia and Samsung

Topics: Nokia, Brand, Mobile phone Pages: 6 (2022 words) Published: December 23, 2012
1.0Introduction (Abstract)

Today, company’s real value lies outside the business itself, in the minds of potential buyers (Kapferer, 1992, p. 9). This is reflected in the value of brands, which are the anchors of company’s value. Products are introduced, they live and disappear but brands endure (Kapferer, 1992, p. 17). The term ``brand’’ holds multiple meanings. According to John Murphy, founder of Inter brand (Ingham, 2003), a brand is not only an actual product, but also the unique property of a specific owner. Brands are increasingly considered to be the primary capital in many businesses (Ourusoff, 1993, p. 81). The phenomenon of brand and brand reputation became the centre of interest of both academic and business experts. The main issues are how a company can build, nurture and use a brand in order to obtain and sustain the competitive advantage in the marketplace. With an increase in global competition, branding has become a source of competitive advantage. In the rapidly evolving market for consumer, and industrial products and services, the source of next generation competency will be branding. In its branding strategy, a company has a number of different options for branding. These can be divided into four different categories corporate brands, individual brand names or product brand, companies, product brands and manufacturer’s name and reputation (Melewar and Walker, 2003, p.161). A consumer during his lifetime undergoes a series of ever changing circumstances and situations. As a result his brand preference shifts with his changing needs. The brand attributes or features must fit to consumers’ need to maintain an ongoing permanent relationship with the brand. The consumers need to have a trust in their preferred brands for continued offering of the desired benefits. According to Browne (1998), if companies fail to ensure a trustworthy, stable brand reputation, the brand’s growth and market share will be affected. Thus a brand reputation is the image of superior quality and added value, which justify a premium price. A reputable brand is a strong asset, which benefits from a high degree of loyalty and stability for future sales (Kapferer, 1997). Ultimate goals of highly reputed brands should be to strengthen their image. Low selling brands with low reputation should focus on tailoring their marketing mix and fixing the overall image problem (Baldinger & Rubinson, 1996). A highly reputed brand name is considered as a favorable and publicly recognized name that reflects merit, achievement, and reliability. According to Paul and John (1997), the attribute reputation is an estimation of the consistency, over a period of time for an entity. This estimation is based on the entity's willingness and ability to perform an activity repeatedly in a similar fashion and an attribute is some specific part of the entity - price, quality, promotion, distribution and other marketing skills. To measure brand reputation and impact of marketing mix as well, it is necessary to know the elements of marketing mix. The elements of the marketing mix; product, price, place and promotion are the base for the empirical part of researcher’s study. The theoretical background for these elements is also given in the next section. Industry Overview

The researchers have chosen two well-known cellular manufactures i.e., Nokia and Samsung. First of all the researchers have appended information about the two corporate brands. The first Nokia century began with Fredrik Idestam's paper mill on the banks of the Nokianvirta river. Between 1865 and 1967, the company would become a major industrial force; but it took a merger with a cable company and a rubber firm to set the new Nokia Corporation on the path to electronics...The newly formed Nokia Corporation was ideally positioned for a pioneering role in the early evolution of mobile communications. As European telecommunications markets were deregulated and mobile networks became global,...
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