Impact of Electronic Games on Academic Achievement of Children

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: March 8, 2011


Gunjarika Ranka and Madhu Jain
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur


The study was carried out to examine the impact of electronic games on personality of male and female school going children. A sample of 300 children (100 non users, 100 low users and 100 heavy users with equal number of boys and girls, 50 in each group ) within the age range of 10-14 years were drawn from reputed co-educational english medium public schools of Chandigarh (UT and capital city of Punjab and Haryana). their annual report cards were observed to see their academic performance. Result revealed that the academic achievement of heavy users (playing 30-40 hours/week or more) is being discarded by over exposure of electronic games although limited playing shown some positive results. The interaction effect of playing electronic games and gender was found to be significant on academic achievement of children. Key words: electronic games, gender difference, academic achievement.



Sample for this study at initial level comprised of 500 subjects (250 males and 250 females) of 5th to 8th grade, falling in the age group 10-14 years drawn from reputed coeducational English medium public schools of Chandigarh (U.T. and capital city of Punjab and Haryana). Out of the total sample, 300 subjects (150 males and 150 females) were purposively chosen as heavy users (playing 20-40 hours/week or more), low users (playing 10-20 hours/week) and non users (not playing at all) after matching them on the basis of their socio-economic status. There were equal number of boys (N=50) and girls (N=50) in all the three groups.


3*2 factorial design (type of users: heavy users, low users, and non users; Gender: boys and girls) was used and accordingly six groups were formed. Results were analyzed through multiple ANOVA.

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