Immune System and Humor

Topics: Immune system, Webster's Dictionary, Immunology Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: February 12, 2013

Do you know that humor can cause positive effects on our immune system? According to certain research, it actually activates our immune system, reduces our stress hormones and leads to muscle relaxation. Because of these effects, our immune system will be strengthen. As a result, humor lets our body feel so relaxed. Humor is a daily medicine that we should take because it keeps us young, happy and optimistic. According to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, humor means “the mental faculty of discovering, expressing or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongrous” and “is something that is designed to be comical” (Webster, 2003). In short, humor is the condition of being amused and is very entertaining. For me, I would like to define humor as the state of being mindfulness to listen or being attentive. Humor keeps us young. It is the best medicine for all kinds of illness. It allows us to forget all of the pains and problems inside us, therefore it leads us to pain reduction. With all the good effects of humor, it strengthens our body and immune system. And what really keeps us young? It is actually the immune system enchancement that produces healthy emotions. With this enchancement, our body function will be functioning well and normal. Humor keeps us happy. It lessens anger and let us feel very contented. I myself is a fan of humor. It really helped me to find myself because I remembered when I was a kid, I am very shy. I thought that I would not have any friends because of my shyness. But when I reached highschool, I decided to be more friendly and open-minded. And because of that, I gained a lot of friends and my confidence was also boosted. Humor keeps us optimistic. It helps us to be a positive thinker and to be a more realistic person. Because of being a positive thinker, we will be more focused to do our works. And we think that we will be successful to our task, and our determination...
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