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Topics: The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Sometimes life’s most important messages can be seen when you do not take it too seriously. Humorists are the ones who can help you do that with their witty remarks, clever remarks, and satirical material on life’s issues. Sure some humorist might look like they go to an extreme at times with their material, even to the point where you feel that they purposely offend you, but that is the best way to get their message heard without being heavily scrutinized by people. I believe that since humorist are meant to be a source of entertainment for people, they are more willing to hear what the humorist has to say about a certain major issue in the world, and that leads me to believe that humorist do a play a vital role in our society.

No one humorist is the same, some have one way in presenting their message while others have another way, and I could agree that some of their methods of humor are not always what you want to see or hear. This is where the extremist humorist comes into play. These type of humorist are the type that pull all the stops, being crude in their humor and showing little to no remorse in to what they say or do. TV shows like “South Park” have a young boy who always persecutes his other friend just because he is a Jew and expresses how he wishes how the Jews should had been wiped out. Then you would also have another show called “Family Guy” where a talking dog character would always challenge the belief in a God through wise cracking jokes or by breaking out into some big satirical musical number. Both of these shows tackle what would usually be considered taboo to talk about in public, but they do it anyways because they want their audience to pay attention to them so that they can get their point across.

There is simply no other form of entertainment or medium that can be as effective as humor. Humor is something we would all like to see or hear and what that says for humorist that there will always be an audience wanting to hear what they...
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