Nickle and Dimed

Topics: Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich, The Reader Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Humor is a very Powerful Language
Humor can light up any situation if you use it at the right time it can make an experience more interesting. When you have a more positive attitude towards something it can make almost any situation better. Barbara Ehrenreich uses a lot of humor when she wrote Nickel and Dimed even though it was covering the economic difficulties in America and how people are just barely getting by she manages to use humor to lighten up her story and to engage the reader. People react better to humor than they do to seriousness.
When using humor in writing it can cause a lot of things Her use of humor was very important to the story. The way she used it, even though at times her humor was very subtle it was really effective she used it to keep the readers attention because with the topic about the economy the humor kept her story from being boring. It also helped her to relate with her readers and it made it more interesting to see what she was thinking and and her reaction to the things that were going on .She says “But the relevant point about Holly is that she is visibly unwell - possibly whiter, on a daily basis, than anyone else in the state . We’re not just talking Caucasian here; think bridal gowns , tuberculosis, and death “ (95) the way she uses exaggeration to be funny helps us from dwelling on the negative. We sometimes find other peoples misfortunes funny we seem to laugh at the fact that it isn't us going through that situation “The first time I encountered a shit-stained toilet as a maid I was shocked by the sense of unwanted intimacy. A few hours ago some well-fed butt was straining away on this toilet seat and now here I am wiping up after it.” (92) Humor can help you get your point across you can do this by being very very honest. She exposes very personal and moments like when she talks about her “chemical indiscretion”(125) that she had had a few weeks before she was about to get drug tested to get a job at Walmart....
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