Im Not Scared Chapter Questions

Pages: 6 (2169 words) Published: August 5, 2012
I’m Not Scared: Chapter Questions

Chapter 1 pp. 1-41

1. Acqua Traverse has a very farm like setting, with a heap of livestock and things such a vegetables growing. It was a countryside setting. Acqua Traverse is very desolate during the day, only the children venture outside as it is summer and is extremely hot. The adults stay inside during the day to escape the heat. It seems as if most people in Acqua Traverse know each other as well. I feel as if Acqua Traverse is your typical countryside town, it is located in the south of Italy so I know they are not as well off with money but it seems like the population of Acqua Traverse still live their lives to the fullest. 2. Michele and Maria seem to have a love/hate relationship. Around his friends Michele tries to act tough and look like he doesn’t care for his sisters but deep down he truly does care for her and her wellbeing. Maria looks up to her older brother Michele and just wants to do everything he does on a day-to-day basis. 3. Skull, being the oldest of the group, is the chief of the group. He controls them by giving them orders and telling everybody else what to do, if he wasn’t obeyed by one of the members of the group he would get angry. That is why he had such great power over the others because they were intimidated by him. Also as he was the oldest, he was the only one the group could really look up too. 4. Barbara Mura was picked on for two reasons I believe, the first being that she was the only girl in the group and the second being that she was fat. Michele constantly refers to her a things such as ‘a demented sow.’ Skull picks on her the most, forcing her to do things she would rather not do, and the other boys in the group follow everything Skull says/does because they want his acceptance. 5. Michele takes Barbara’s forfeit because he knows that none of the boys in the group want to see her ‘slit’ and also he doesn’t want Skull to hit Barbara. Because he has a younger sister I think he thought what if it was Maria that was put into that position of humiliation. 6. Michele discovers a green corrugated sheet that is covered by leaves and twigs, as if it was covered up to be hidden. He found that underneath the sheet the ground was hollow. After lifting the corrugated sheet and peering inside the hole he find a boys leg, and assumes that it is the body of a dead boy. 7. Michele didn’t tell the group that he had found the body because he wanted to keep it as a secret of his own, ‘finders’ keepers.’ He also didn’t want Skull to take the credit of finding the body. 8. Northern Italy is a wealthier region so they can afford higher class/expensive things such as food. In Southern Italy people are usually poorer than those living in the North, it is more rural/countryside settings and high in agriculture. The people in the north look quite different to those in the south, people from the north are known for their lighter hair colour as people in the south are known for their darker hair colour. The climate is also different; summer in the south is much hotter than it is in the north of Italy. 9. Michele and his father both have very strong personalities which clash with each other. Michele constantly tries to impress his father as a way of approval, and his father tries to get him to be the best that he can be. Michele aspires to be an exact replica of his father and will do anything to be this way. They are also very competitive with one another, playing games like arm wrestling and seeing who could choose the match with no head.

Chapter 2 pp. 42-56

1. Tiger Jack is a fictional character that Michele looks up to as a fearless hero. He helps Michele gain confidence in himself as he channels his inner Tiger Jack to be serious and fearless. Michele models quite a few of his actions off those that Tiger Jack does. 2. Michele is afraid of things such as witches, bandits and ogres. This relates to the books title “I’m not scared”...
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