Chapter 5 Quiz

Topics: East Asia, Asia, Religion Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: November 14, 2012
1. Many of the institutions and customs that emerged in east Asia during this era persisted until the twentieth century or even the present. Why do you think this is so? Why does there seem to be more continuity in east Asian history than in other parts of the world? Patriarchal Family.Nomadic Threats. Mandate of Heaven.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a form of writing that is pictographic and ideographic (like Chinese) versus one that is alphabetic? Advantages: A single characater can mean an entire phrase or can have multiple meanings. If you are fluent in the meanings, then it is easier to read and ideas can be connected together more quickly.If the pictographs represent everyday things that everybody knows, it may be easier to learn to understand the language on the more basic level. Disadvantages: It could take a very long time to learn it all. For example, it could take a very long time to learn all the letters that represent one idea or thought. It has a wider interpretation, something may mean one thing to a person and slightly different to another. For example, a letter could represent a cat , could be seen as a panther to somebody else.

3. How do early east Asian religious beliefs and practices differ from those of the other early cultures you have studied so far? What do these differences imply about the societies' structures and their most important values? East Asia did not have a main or official type of a religion. They only followed the rule of the Mandate of Heaven. A leader is chosen by heavenly powers to govern within his realm. If the ruler was successful in his duties then the heavenly powers would rejoice. If the ruler failed then the heavenly powers would withdraw a mandate to rule and a better deserving person will take that rulers place. The peoplel of east asia did not worship one certain deity at all unlike the other socieites .They also believed in the veneration of their ancestors. People believed...
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