Ap World History Essay Questons

Topics: Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Samurai Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: February 27, 2011
1. Explore the different approaches to imperial rule in Japan, china, and Russia between 1500 and 1800. What sorts of political structures emerged to administer and incorporate the different peoples of these region? what were the infrastructural needs of these empires?

Japan was isolated islands which helped them to keep away from diverse people. Do to the fact that they were not a diverse empire, rather homogeneous ethnicity, it was easier to control without having to know different languages, beliefs, or religions. The islands also helped because they were small so it was less to control. On the other hand Russia and China were a bigger government and had more diverse elasticities which meant they had to know different religions and languages in order to communicate and have power over them. Roads was another type of infrastructure. The roads helped them communicate and control the empires. They were also used for trade routes. Russia and China both needed a large army to expand where as Japan didnt.

2.What internal and external pressures did Japan face during its period of reunification? How did Japan deal with these challenges?

Toyotomi Hideyoshi dreamed of ruling Korea, China, and even India with his power base in Japan. His attacks on Korea eventually stalled and he died before he could fulfill his dreams. but his actions sparked the unification of Japan, for the first time in history, a step that would be crucial in the country's rise to world power 3 centuries later. Political unification encouraged economic growth, partly because it put an end to much of the fighting that had consumed Japan during the preceding years. At the same time that Japanese leaders were attempting to unify Japan under central government, European ships were beginning to make their to the islands. 3. How did the Tokugawa Shogunate fall into decline and crisis The Tokugawa Shogunate started to decline in 1614, when the first Tokugawa Shogun Ieyasu banned the practice of...
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