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Topics: Patient, Triage, The Practice Pages: 5 (1541 words) Published: June 6, 2012
ILM LEVEL 3 Award in first line management
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Donna Sullivan
Hull Training

Table of Contents
Context of assignment 2
The description of the problem 3
Analysis of the problem 4
Resolution of the problem 5
Implementation and communication of the solution 6

I work for the City Health Care Partnership within the Primary Care Medical Services, I work for 4 different GP practices as the Data Quality Manager but main base been at Kingston Medical Centre in the Central appointments team, at Kingston Medical Centre we have 4 full time GP’s, 3 Nurses, 2 Health Care Assistants, 7 Receptionists, 2 Admin members based in the Central appointments team and a Practice Manager. The Practice has 7417 patients with a ride variety of different ethnicity’s and different language speaking patients, We provide a wide variety of services within the service ranging from General Medicine to referrals to outside agencies for weight management, smoking etc

I am employed as the Data Quality Manager my main role is to ensure that all information submitted on to the clinical system is recorded correctly in order for the practices to reach targets and that the patient records are kept up to date, I am based within the central appointments team where book all the appointments for all of the 4 practices, I have the responsibility of overseeing the appointments system and auditing to ensure that we have enough appointments for the capacity and demand of our patients

Description of the problem

The practice must provide a day to day service for patients to offer appointments to see a GP within 48 hours, the problem that we are coming across is that we have a shortage of GP appointments in which we are not managing to reach the target of getting patients to be seen within the recommended time scale. After doing several audits across all the 4 practices that are employed by CHCP we have found that this is a widespread problem and is happening on a daily basis.

The is having a huge impact on the service in several ways that after speaking to the practice managers we are receiving a increase in patient complaints that the patients are not happy in having to wait up to 2 weeks for an appointment to see the GP in which we should be able to reach the national target of offering a patient appointment within 48 hours of the request.

The shortage of appointment slots has a huge impact on all the staff that with the patients complaining that they cannot be seen it is causing very low staff moral within the practice and also conflicts between the clinical team that some of them feel they are having more pressure put on them and having to see extra patients, If patients are not able to see a GP upon their request we are finding that patients are leaving the practice’s to register else were in which has a financial impact on the practice as we lose money for patients that leave the practice.

Analysis of the problem

I have looked at information as to why we have a shortage of appointments the first thing I did was to do a capacity and demand audit I asked every member of the reception team to record every request for an appointment to see whether we had enough capacity of Gp’s to match the demand of the patients (see Appendix 1 of capacity and demand audit used)

We did a brain storming session with the CHCP management team to look at the nature of the problem and drew up a Fishbone analysis to look at the problem see (Appendix 2) Williams K (2006)

After doing the Fish Bone Analysis we realised that there were 2 main causes to the problem the first been that we have a shortage of resources been lack of finance in which we cannot employ locum Gp’s or employ extra clinical staff to increase the number of appointment slots, the 2nd been the patients that we have 32% of patients that are non English...
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