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Realism Reconsidered The Legacy of Hans Morgenthau in International Relations

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Realism Reconsidered
The Legacy of Hans Morgenthau in International Relations

Edited by

Michael C. Williams


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This volume was inspired by the centenary of Hans Morgenthau’s birth in 2004. Many of the papers were first presented at a conference in November of that year at Gregynog Hall outside Newtown in Wales, where Morgenthau had himself in 1969 attended the conference marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Department of International Politics in Aberystwyth. I would like to thank the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the Department of International Politics for their support for the conference. I am also extremely grateful to Joel Rosenthal, President of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs for his encouragement and support for the project, and to the Carnegie Council for its financial assistance. Financial support was also provided by the British Academy through its international conference fund, and I would like to thank the Academy. A number of individuals were crucial at various stages in the project. Richard Wyn Jones, and particularly Rita Abrahamsen, provided key encouragement at the outset and support throughout. Toni Erskine graciously lent her intellectual and organizational skills. Her contribution was invaluable. For lively debate at the Gregynog meeting, I am grateful also to colleagues and friends who attended and whose comments and criticisms played an important role in developing the final versions of the chapters in this volume.

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Introduction Michael C. Williams 1 Morgenthau, agency, and Aristotle Anthony F. Lang, Jr. 2 ‘The Twilight of International Morality’? Hans J. Morgenthau and Carl Schmitt on the end of the Jus Publicum Europaeum Chris Brown 3 Carl Schmitt and Hans Morgenthau: Realism and beyond William E. Scheuerman 4 The image of law in Politics Among Nations Oliver Jutersonke ¨ 5 Realism, tragedy, and the anti-Pelagian imagination in...
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