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Mary Williams

Supervising Attorney: Harry Dessers
Dickens and Petty
105 1/2 Division Street
Pikeville, KY 41502
(859) 430-6200

Report #3: May 28 - June 8, 2006

Hours to Date: 125

This week has gone by so quickly. The office has been very hectic and I have certainly stayed busy. I continued to complete work in the firm’s estate files. I prepared a variety of documents for clients to sign while they were in the office. For example, I did an inventory and final settlement for one client. I discussed the real/personal property of the decedent for tax forms and prepared affidavits of descent. Although I feel that my Probate Practice and Procedure class prepared me well for my work, I didn't realize that there was so much involved in getting an estate settled. The highlight of my estate work this week was finally settling one large estate. The heirs had been fighting over several issues relating to the estate of their mother. After several phone calls and a few office visits, I finally got all of the heirs to agree who would be acting as the administration over the estate. I received the last two waivers in the mail this week and I felt like I had won a small battle. I was really happy to see that the heirs were beginning to work together. Although the family members obviously have their differences, it was nice to see them behaving in a civil manner. I commented to one of them that I was certain that their mother would have appreciated this gesture. Although the heir agreed, I could tell that the situation was very difficult for him and that we would likely still have to resolve other issues as the estate settles.

I also drafted several complaints for new cases the firm received over the past few days. Some of the complaints involved traffic violations while others involved claims against insurance companies and the social security board. The complaints were fairly straight forward and were very...
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