Ignition System and Spark Plug Wire

Topics: Ignition system, Electron, Magnetic field Pages: 3 (565 words) Published: May 20, 2013
1.) The two major tasks performed by an ignition system ate to ____ and to _____. A.) Provide sufficient electrical voltage and to discharge a spark between electrodes of the spark plug. 2.) If a four-cycle engine runs at 3600 rpm, and the number of sparks per minute required at the spark plug would be ______per minute. A.) 1800

3.) Name the six main electrode components that make up the magneto ignition system. A.) Permanent magnets, High tension coil, Mechanical or electronic switching device, Condenser, High tension spark plug wire, Spark plug 4.) Regarding atoms _______.

A.) C
5.) The electron theory states that ________.
A.) B
6.) Substances that have electrons that can move freely from atom to atom are said to be good ___________. A.) A
7.) List three good electrical current conductors.
A.) Cooper, aluminum and silver
8.) List three good insulating materials.
A.) Glass, mica and rubber
9.) A source of electricity__________.
A.) D
10.) Electrical current in a battery flows from ________. A.) B
11.)Electrical current in the primary current of a battery ignition system flows from _______________. A.) B
12.) What are the three ways in which an electrical potential can be produced? A.) Mechanically, Chemically, Statically
13.) Match the units of electrical measurement:
A.) A.) AMPERS rate of electron flow
B.) OHMS resistance flow
c.) VOLTS electrical potential
14.) In a circuit with 5 volts and 2 ampers ohms the voltage would be _______. A.) 10
15.) In a circuit with 12 volts and 5 ampers the restiance would be ________ ohms.
A.) 2.4
16.) Soft iron used in the laminations of a coil or transformer has_____________.
A.) a
17.) What happens when a coil of wire is passed through a magnetic field?
A.) Magnetic field is cut by the wire and current will flow. 18.) What happens when electric current is passed through a coil or wire?
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