If I a Headmistress

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If I become the headmistress of the school, I will provide a peaceful and beautiful environment for the student so that they can have a good atmosphere to study. I will plant various type of fascinating species of rare flowers around the school garden and build more resting huts so that the students can do revision while enjoying a spectacular scenery. Besides that, I will hire a responsible gardener to be in charge of growing potatoes ,veggies ,herbs and tomatoes in the garden and to water the flowers frequently. Hence, when the vegetables is ready to be pluck , the school ‘s chef can cook them for meal or just make salads with it. Thus, the students can enjoy a delicious yet a healthy meal for the day. On top of that, the students always complain about carrying heavy bag because they have to bring a lot of books to school. So, I will try to ease their burden by putting up lockers in each of the classroom so that they can place their stationeries and books inside them. The teachers also do not have to worry anymore about students forget to bring their text books because now ,the students will always have text books with them. Moreover, I will also install elevators for the convenient of the students. For my point of view, “to be creative is to open your feelings to something you love to do”. Therefore, I would probably encourage my students to express themselves in something that they love to do ,for example ,they can be active in artistical work such a art,photography,music or fashion designs. If I become the principal, my school will be only about creativity so that my students can have freedom to portray themselves. Furthermore, If I become the headmistress of the school, I will ensure my students to learn about poets, calligraphy handwriting and novels. I would also make sure my student to be active in dancing and acting. We can do theatre show during special events. It will be so much fun if more students get involve in this activity and participate...
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