If I Had Been Born Girl

Topics: Psychology, Boredom, Attention Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: May 26, 2013
If I had been born a girl
This topic could be interesting or some people believe that could be embarrassing, however, what I can see girls life nowadays is very worrying, the clothe they wear, the way they want to get attention from men, sometimes it’s not quite obvious what effect are they trying to achieve, are they trying to look hot and sexy or simply silly and funny? Both cases most of time are wrong. First at all, If I had been born a girl, I would have liked to make the difference among what the media and society want me to do and what I could do by own decision for example, in the past a lot of people use to go to the beach because doctors started to recommend it because it’s healthy and the swimsuit girls used to wear was completely different that now, I mean I have seen old pictures and you couldn’t see any girl boasting about her body but the media show you that’s ridiculous and you have to show all what God gave you and if you don’t do it, you won’t fit on society, I wouldn’t have worn like back then but I guarantee that I would not were like girls do it nowadays, what is the difference among that people look at me wearing a tiny swimsuit or wearing underwear? Why girls feel embarrassing in the second case? It is not the same? I am pretty sure that a lot of girls would be less disappointed about men and relationships if they changes their mind about how the get men attention, if I want to get men attention, I wouldn’t do it looking hot or sexy I think that the impact that a girl must give at first sight have to be about their smartness, beauty, decency, knowledge, mutual tastes, personality, among others interesting thing that good men want to find in a good girl. Girls believe that men are cheaters but I think that you can attract better men depending on what you wear. There are specific moments in life when a girl can be sexy and that’s in privacy with their couple. To sum up, in my point of view our girls are being really attacked by media and...
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