Under 16 Banned from Fashion Modeling

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  • Published : April 15, 2009
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I'm here to ask you one question, “Do you think that girls under 16 should be banned from fashion modeling?”

In some countries the ban has already taken place because of the many health concerns related, I think the ban, in many ways, appropriate. These young girls are not portrayed to be the young girls they are, instead they are being made to look like older adult women.

In 2007 Maddison Gabriel, a 12-year-old Queensland schoolgirl, was selected to be the face of Gold Coasts Fashion Week. The issue in sparked a lot of controversy within Australia, The Prime Minister reasoned that we need to preserve some notion of innocence in our society and he is outraged those girls as young as 12 are being portrayed in this way.

Using very young girls as fashion models is inappropriate in my eyes. It encourages anorexia, health risks, sexualisation of children and it damages the body image of what is expected of an adult woman.

It has been claimed that many of the young girls chosen to model are being employed because they have so called “adult body types”. But just because they look as though they’re an adult, doesn’t make them one! Mrs Gabriel, Maddison Gabriel’s mother, commented that she is trying to get her teenage daughters to act older. ACT OLDER! SHE’S 12!!!! What happened to such a thing as childhood? There needs to be a limit on what age should and shouldn’t be allowed to participate in modelling
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