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Topics: Smoking, Health, Cigarette Pages: 5 (1752 words) Published: August 19, 2012
In the budget of a country , some think that the large part of money should be invested in health education and preventative measures instead of spending on treatment. In my point of view , although developing health education and preventative measures are effective to improving the health of citizens , there are still many people who have severe diseases who need special treatment. So allocating a small amount of money to do some early protection seems a proper way rather than there is little money and medicine to treat a disease. Putting money to improve health education and preventative measures is an effective way to enhance people's health. In some places, especially rural areas, not too many people equip knowledge (there are not too many people equipped with knowledge) about health and have no idea (how to prevent diseases) to prevent the disease before , so it is important to educate them because they might not have enough money to get cured. If every citizen knows how to prevent illness, the quantity of ill people would decline so the burden (like building a free hospital and giving out welfare to the ill) on society would be lighter. For instance, the government can use the resources to strengthen the military instead of curing people. Admittedly, there are still many people who get diseases because the prevention is not always useful and some diseases come with birth , so treatments are needed. As the transportation developed , people could travel all over the world , so did viruses. Diseases spread widely and fast while some people do not even get warned to take precautions. Finally, they will get ill, therefore improving the treatment is more important than health education and prevention due to it being urgent and demanded. Overall, investing a large amount of money in health education and preventative measures is not a proper way because treatments are needed and practical. But putting a small amount of money into health education and prevention seems more reasonable in the present situation.

Smoking is a big threat to people's health which has already been proved. It is illegal to smoke in public places in some countries but there are some special areas for smokers. In my point of view, I can not agree more, all countries should make a law to restrict smoking due to it being good for the health of citizens, however, it is an unrealistic expectation for all countries. So smokers should govern themselves when they want to smoke. The limitation of smoking is a good law for the health of citizens whether young or old. Cigarettes contain a large amount of poisonous substances, after combustion cigarettes will produce poisonous gas which can cause lung cancer and other diseases . Therefore, smoking in public places is not only bad for smokers’ health but also threatens the health of people who never smoke. Also , the burning cigarette can cause fires in public places so it is a big danger to society, however, there are still many people who are addicted to smoking. Setting up some special places for smokers is necessary to solve these problems of where they can smoke and not affect others’ health as well. To some extent, it is unrealistic for all countries to make a rule to restrict smoking. First , in some developing countries , the government does not have enough capital and space to build certain areas for smokers. Second , there are too many smokers in the world , if they smoke in public places , it would be difficult to restrict all smokers. So , solving the smoking problem can not only rely on setting rules (so to solve the problem of smoking we cannot rely only on setting up certain rules), it also needs everyone to make an effort .When we watch someone smoking, we can suggest he or she not to smoke and smokers should rule themselves to smoke in a separate place where there are no people. In summary, limiting smokers smoking in public places is a good rule but it is hard to achieve around the...
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