Framing Essay

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Framing Essay

Our country has been stuggling with health care costs for the past few years. We have been working on ways to limit these high costs. We came to realize that the reason we have such high costs is because of the high rate of health issues and accidents. If we are able to limit the amount of accidents and the amount of people being ill we will be able to lower health costs.

We have deccided that we are going to send all diseased Americans on a vacation to Europe. By sending the ill on this vacation they will be able to get better while relaxing in a new environment.Also this would allow America to save a lot of money because we would not be spending it on medical bills. Some people may think that we are just sending the ill away but you have to think about the good things that will be coming out of this. We will be lowering health costs and also helping the ill to become better by providing them with a safe and beautiful new place to live.

Ill patients will be able to go to a new country and see a new area for once. This could possibliy be something that they have been wanting to do all there life but were never able to because of certain illnesses. We are allowing for people to start over in a new place and to see new things. The ill would really be able to enjoy their new life in this new country. They will just have to get up and move all their things to a new country so that we will be able to lower costs of health care. If you think about it they would really be helping the country. They will get more joy from this then sadness because they will be able to do there duty to the country by helping to lower health costs and they will also be able to get the joy out of travel.

We hope that in doing this we will not only be able to lower health costs but also limit the amount of illness in our country. This will be saving many lives and also helping many ill people to live better lives.
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