Identify Relevant Legal Requirements and Procedures Covering Confidentiality, Data Protection and the Disclosure of Information.

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Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with children and young people.

Listening is the most important way in which to establish a respectful and professional relationship with a child or young person. By people listening to what a child has to say, without interruption, shows the child that they are interested in what the child has to say. By not interrupting the child, it shows that their views and opinions are not only respected, but are also as important as the views and opinions of the person they are talking to. You should maintain eye contact; concentrate on what the child is saying and physically lower yourself to the child’s level to make the child feel more comfortable and shows the child they are respected and on the same level as the adult. You should also take an active interest in what the child has to say, this will show the child that you respect them and make them feel like you want to hear what they have to say.

Describe with examples how to behave appropriately for a child and young person’s stage of development.

* When working with a child in nursery we can act appropriately for their age by being enthusiastic when talking to them, you can also sit down and play games with them. When they are upset or they have hurt themselves we can comfort them by reassuring them that they are going to be okay for example if they fall over and cut their knee you reassure them and tell them the steps of what is going to happen next. When talking to them it is important to come down to their level and make eye contact and smile at them so that they don't feel intimidated by us. We should also make time to listen to them without interrupting them and not shout at them as this could be very upsetting for them at this age. * When working in infants we can behave appropriately for their age by bending down to their level remaining eye contact and nodding your head and showing the right body language, this also applies for...
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