Ideas Rule Our Lives

Topics: Thought, Critical thinking, Human Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Questions, problems, judgments, consequences have been inevitably part of my day to day existence. Everyday, I meet new situations that come along my life. Everyday, I experience and decide. I already see every circumstances coming right through me. And I guess for sure, other people think likewise. Indeed, all of these are just a matter of thinking. Life is just a matter of setting off your mind to think, a thinking which is critical enough to suffice satisfaction in life.

As I journey ahead, there is a thought that I always bring along in my head: That if something ever happens to me, I can either let it define me, let it destroy me, or let it strengthen me. Clinging unto this idea has made me thought critically about myself. Thus, truly that “to be critical implies to be self-critical”.

Last Friday, on the 23rd day of September 2011, we were obliged to attend a seminar about “The Relevance of Critical Thinking in Contemporary Philippine Society”, which I thought at first that this seminar would really help us as an individual within a society. While I was comfortably seated inside the theater, a lot of the things in life are flashed in the back of my mind. Every word of the speaker was nostalgic, which made me think of what I have been all this time and it is like thinking about what is thinking. The seminar was quiet unusual because not all the time that stuffs like this would hit or suit about each of ourselves. Confusing though but I found myself interested with the thoughts of the speaker. Anyone inside can really probably relate since every one of us is living our own lives, and indeed, living a life needs a critical thinking and living means involving and relating to others socially. Although there were terms and deep words that I personally cannot understand within the speech, throughout the seminar, concisely I was reformed. I appreciated my life and the people around me even more. The ideas presented were technical, but somehow if it really is...
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