Reflective Paper Outline Psy/202

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Reflective Paper


* What was your family like?
* Very connected with all members
* Christian based values
* Love to party together
* What are some of your favorite memories?
* Family vacations to Florida
* Crawfish boils at grandmother's house
* Church Christmas programs
* Who were the important people in your life?
* Mother is the number one person in my life
* My partner will be second
* My Aunts/Cousin
* What were you like as a teenager?
* I was quiet
* Helpful
* Class clown
* What did you do with your friends?
* Love to go out to eating
* Clubbing
* Dancing
* What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? * Own my own hair salon
* Masters in Business
* My own Non-profit organization

Reflective Paper
In this study, I plan to reflect on my inner thoughts and perception I have of myself. Reflecting on past, present, and future things can be difficult for one to do. Sometimes life does not deal everyone a good deck of cards, but this can also be a good tool to use. Reflecting can release you from past issues and help you to press forward in achieving your goals. I plan to use this assignment to dialect my choices and to depict what I can do better in life. Growing up in Port Allen, Louisina was nice. It’s a small rural town in South Louisiana not far from our capital Baton Rouge. Everyone knows everybody and mostly everyone families and connected in some manner. My Grandfather is a pillar of our community. He has been pastor in our community for over 70 yrs. He is 99 yrs old now and still continued to spread the word to loss and help those in need. My family is very close but like every family, we have our bad days as well. I was raised by my mother. She raised me in the church, we both sung in the choir, which lead me to learn how to play the piano. My mother and I remain...
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