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ISU: Part 1 My Ideal Job

When we are little we are always asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The idea of a desired job has been with us since we were just children. However, the better question should be “What is you ideal job?” A job is something that you are going to have for the next forty years so it should be something you enjoy doing. An ideal job is based on your work environment, expected incomes and flexibility, and personal goals and skills.

A work environment is the set of conditions under which you work in. Everybody has a different set of conditions that help define their ideal job. My ideal jobs work environment would be partially outdoors and partially indoors. I love being outside in the fresh air and with nature. However, when it gets to hot or too cold I would like an option to come inside. I also would like a change in environment. My ideal job would not always have me in the same place. I would get to go on business trips or attend different work spaces. I am a very interpersonal person. I love group work and working with new people. I think this would make my ideal job something where I could interact with coworkers, customers, or clients. If I was to work under theses condition I would have my ideal job.

My expected income and my flexibility also contribute to my ideal job. I would like to live a very comfortable lifestyle. My ideal salary would be 200,000 a year. Although this is a large income I plan to work hard to get it by going to school and getting a masters or a PhD in my area of study. I am realistic about this goal, as I know I will not be making this salary when I first start my job. However, my ideal job would have me making this within the five years of being at that job. My ideal job would have set hours. I...
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