Athletic Director

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Blake Miranda
BUAD 101x
My Future
Athletic Director

Ever since I was little, the same question has been asked to me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When I was at the age of four the answer might have been an astronaut or a football player but times have changed. As time progressed it changed to an architect, then to a police officer, and all different types of jobs as I got to college I really started to think about what I want to do. It ranged very much. I wanted to study criminal justice and become a police officer. Then wanted to start my own restaurant. But now I believe my dream occupation after all these years would have to be an athletic director.

The two things I love to do most are to watch and play sports as well as be a leader. An athletic director position contains these two traits and this is why I believe this occupation would be very fitting for me. Athletic directors typical work with coaches and athletes everyday to help the team reach its highest potential. An athletic director is more of a behind the scenes type of coach, this position can help put a team in a position where it is easy to succeed. Whether it’s trying to get a team home field advantage or being able to get that team their new equipment. The responsibilities of an athletic director can vary. It could range from creating a sports team schedule or working with coaches or athletes about a particular problem. They prepare budgets and allocate spending on items like coach’s salaries, equipment, travel and maintenance of the facilities. They also can schedule different types of events, such as tournaments, banquets, and other events. The athletic director There are all different types of athletic directors. There can be middle school, high school, college level, and even professional sport teams. If I had to chose I would aim for a college level position because I feel the sports in college are very completive and this would make the job that much more...
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