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Keele University - Business Administration, Year 3, 2012/13


International Business Strategies (MAN 30055)

Lecturer: Geoff Underwood


This module examines how and why businesses develop internationally and the strategies they employ; we consider the influence that institutions, cultures and ethics have on the international business world and look at methods of strategic analysis, development and implementation.

Learning objectives:

* To introduce students to key concepts and issues in International Business Strategy

* To differentiate between globalisation and international expansion

* To understand the impact of institutions, cultures and ethics on International Business

* To explore the main benefits and problems of Internationalisation

* To understand the main organisational structures needed to operate International Strategy

* To outline the main development routes and methods for global expansion

* To consider the implications of globalisation on the companies operating it and the countries involved in its development


Workshops take place every Friday between 2.00pm and 4.00pm in the Westminster Theatre, commencing on Friday 8th January 2013; the final workshop will be on Friday 22nd March.

There will be a further ‘drop-in surgery’ session in w/c 25th March for students requiring guidance on any aspect of the module or the forthcoming exam.

Slides and learning materials will be posted on the VLE after each session.

During the workshops, students are encouraged to critically reflect upon the topics and will have the opportunity to develop their analytical, communication and presentation skills. The session format will be a blend of lecture, facilitated discussion and small-group analysis of selected case studies.

Schedule of Workshops and Assessments
Date| Workshop| Assessment|
08/02/13| Guest Speaker| |
15/02/13| Introduction and Definitions| |
22/02/13| Case for International / Global Strategy| |
01/03/13| Institutions, Culture and Ethics| |
04/03/13| | Assignment proposal deadline|
08/03/13| Strategic Analysis| |
15/03/13| Strategic Development| |
22/03/13| Strategic Implementation| |
TBC| Revision Guidance| |
28/03/13| | Assignment deadline|
TBC| | Seen Exam|


Assessment of the module MAN 30055 comprises:

An essay proposal. (300 words) to be submitted to the Management Office in Darwin Building by 1pm on Monday 4th March. Weighted at 10% of the total mark.

An essay. (2,000 words) One hard copy and one soft copy to be submitted to the Management Office in Darwin Building by 1pm on Thursday 28th March. Weighted at 40% of the total mark.

A ‘seen exam’. Date to be confirmed (between 22nd April - 3rd May). Weighted at 50% of the total mark.

Students must achieve a final mean average grade of at least 40% to pass the module.

Failure to submit assignments by the set deadlines will result in 5% being deducted from papers handed in later the same day. After this time students submitting within seven days of the original deadline will be restricted to 40%, and assignments handed in after seven days will receive 0%. Extensions requested on or after the submission date are invariably refused unless circumstances are very exceptional.

It is your responsibility to allow sufficient time for unforeseen delays in submitting your assignments: high workload (including employment commitments), failure to familiarise yourself with assessment requirements, computer/printer crashes, loss of online connectivity and queuing time for hand-in are not acceptable reasons for late submission or extensions.

If you are unable to submit coursework because you are ill, and can provide evidence of this from a registered medical practitioner, then you should apply for an extension. A form is available from the...
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