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IBM Global Business Services

Consulting by Degrees
The way the world works is changing. Our planet isn’t just getting smaller and flatter. It’s also becoming smarter. This presents both new challenges as well as new opportunities. A smarter planet doesn’t just build itself. It will take the effort and dedication of smart people everywhere. That’s where you come in. IBM Global Business Services is looking for people who have the skills, creativity and passion to help us take on some of the world’s toughest problems—the best and the brightest from all backgrounds and walks-of-life. From English to economics majors; communications to computer engineering. We are looking for candidates like you with leadership potential to join Consulting by Degrees—a world-class development program designed to groom top, entry-level business consultants into tomorrow’s leaders. Consulting by Degrees will provide the full-spectrum of training, development, and practical experience necessary to successfully launch and accelerate your career. This program targets high-performers by providing focused training, one-on-one mentoring, and career guidance to help you gain the expertise and know-how that you need to become the next generation of partners and executives. Take Advantage of the Exceptional Opportunities Consultants in our program have the opportunity to: • Enter into an elite development program unmatched in the marketplace • Be part of a small community and connect locally with your peers and managers • Foster your collaboration and teaming skills with global teams • Benefit from customized career planning and one-on-one attention and mentoring • Gain leadership and development skills using a tailored education path • Develop greater depth of experiences through diverse project roles N

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Customized Career Mapping

Leadership Development & Core Skills



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Office & Networking Activities Diversity Organizations & Alumni

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Work for Us, Develop Yourself

Once hired, you'll join our local IBM office community, where you'll be part of a challenging and collaborative work environment while gaining access to some of the brightest minds in the business. You'll work on globally integrated teams delivering solutions for FORTUNE 1000 companies and government agencies. You'll leverage the innovative solutions and services from IBM (we are the world's largest privately held research group and largest consultancy) combined with award-winning thought leadership from our Institute for Business Value (IBV), helping clients tackle the world’s toughest problems.

Fast-Track Your Career

As you advance through your customized career plan, you’ll have an opportunity to work with your manager to accelerate your career by developing and deepening your expertise in the specialty area that best fits your skills, career goals and area of highest business opportunity, while leaving room to balance your work with your life.

Give Locally or Globally

You’ll also be asked to give back. Members of Consulting by Degrees will support the recruiting and mentoring of the next class of consultants to ensure that only the best candidates are brought on board. You’ll be exposed to corporate and community programs that promote the IBM values of social and corporate responsibility, locally and globally. You’ll also be invited to explore the hundreds of diversity organizations and local IBM clubs in your area, so you can become part of our extended community.

What’s the Training Like?

Throughout the program, you’ll benefit from continuous on-the-job learning and mentorship from some of the best and brightest minds in the business. You’ll also have a tailored education plan with both required...
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