Hymn to Intellectual Beauty

Topics: Heart, Human, Percy Bysshe Shelley Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty

1. He compares intellectual beauty to moonbeams, hues & harmonies of an evening, widely spread clouds, memory of music, and anything that’s precious for its mysterious grace. They are all light, beautiful and underestimated in comparison.

2. Addressing this Spirit of Beauty, the speaker asks where it has gone, and why it leaves the world so desolate when it goes—why human hearts can feel such hope and love when it is present, and such despair and hatred when it is gone.

3. An apostrophe is when the writing addresses someone or something that isn’t present, as if they were and were capable of understanding. When Shelley questions the Spirit of Beauty, it can be described as an apostrophe because he was speaking of the traits of intellectual beauty and then directly shifts to speaking to intellectual beauty itself.


5. He Suggests that Intellectual Beauty alone "Gives grace and truth to life's unquiet dream," Shelley rejects Christianity as a "vain endeavor" to find the truth. He believes it’s nothing more than the attempts of mortal poets and wise men to explain and express their responses to the Spirit of Beauty.

6. “Thy” revealed to intellectual beauty. Intellectual beauty is compared to mist over the mountains, music in the night, moonlight on a midnight stream. These three things are all quiet and peaceful things found in the dark or night. They relate to intellectual beauty in that they are highly beautiful things that make their surroundings enjoyable.

7. It brings benefits such as grace and truth as well as love, hope and self-esteem to human life.

8. The speaker requests that intellectual beauty in people would only stay in the human heart forever, instead of coming and going unpredictably.

9. As a boy, Shelley and his sisters liked to play games which involved the calling of magical spirits. Here the memory is like from a later vantage point he can see that he was searching for Intellectual Beauty-...
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