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Singapore is one of the tropical countries in Southeast Asia that is surrounded by water In addition to that, Singapore gets a lot of water volume from the rainfall it experience. As Times Magazine stated, “an average of 7.9 ft. of rain falls on Singapore annually, nearly 2½ times the global average.” (Chowdhury, Singapore's All Wet- TIME, 2009). However, the water that is being collected and surrounds the country is the salty kind and cannot be directly consumed and safe for human use. In order to maximize the use the use of this natural resource, the Singapore government goes to extent where they recycle and purify the water they capture. These “policies have developed an expertise in water management that has spawned a host of profitable companies” (Chowdhury, Singapore's All Wet- TIME, 2009) and one of the major companies in this industry is Hyflux.

Hyflux is a Singaporean homegrown water treatment company that”purifies waste-, salt- and rainwater” (Chowdhury, Singapore's All Wet- TIME, 2009). Hyflux provides a wide-ranging set of integrated services in water and renewable resources, from research and development, membrane manufacturing, process engineering, engineering, procurement and construction to operations and maintenance. Hyflux provides water desalination and filtration solution for its customers and is a global leader in membrane technology and applications for renewable resources and water solution. The company takes pride in its award winning membranes which is one of the company’s main core products.

Company Vision
To be the leading company the world seeks for innovative and effective environmental solutions.

Company Mission
To provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs through innovation and technological advancement.

Company Values:
Boldness - Dare to dream, dare to do and dare to excel
Entrepreneurship - Nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, embrace challenge and master change Satisfaction - Exceed internal and external customer satisfaction, take pride in work and deliver excellence Testimony - Be the face behind the brand, excel in business conduct and embrace best practices in corporate governance Hyflux has 2,000 staff worldwide (Hyflux Ltd. , NA) including “200 multidisciplinary membrane specialists, researchers and scientists” (Hyflux Ltd. , NA) in the company’s networks of innovative centers and plants. Employees are widely diverse not only in terms of the countries they are from but also in their previous working background, cultures and experiences. The diverse workforce of Hyflux contributed greatly to the success of the company through high productivity, creative thinking and effective and efficient decision making. Hyflux started business and is established in Singapore in the year 1989 and since then it has grew and built 1,000 plants in more than 400 countries worldwide. Appendix 1.1 highlights some of the countries in which Hyflux operates in. In the countries they have plants and operate in, they provide different types of services and products. For example, in Dubai, they provide services in the sewage treatment industry and providing Kristal Membrane products while in Thailand, the company operates in both wastewater reclamation industry and chemical industry providing Kristal and FerroCep membranes. The fame and reputation of Hyflux grew bigger in Singapore and in the year 2001, it became the first water treatment company in Singapore to be listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange. The current financial standing of the company, a table is shown below comparing last year’s final year reports and this year’s reports Source: Hyflux Year end news release 2010 and 2009 (Hyflux Ltd., 2010), (Hyflux Ltd., 2009) The company has been increasing in revenue in the year 2010 due to the major projects that are ongoing like their major plant in located in China that has been in halt for...
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