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  • Published: March 25, 2013
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Roles & Professionalism
Ezer Yeboah-Boateng
1Quote of the Week??//**
 Working together for the common good
of society…
Roles of Engineers
Engineers & the Environment
Engineers as Professionals
Engineers Today
3Books & Resources
 Engineering & Social Justice, by Donna Riley, 2008; Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
 Bridging the Gap Between Engineering & the Global
World: A Case Study of the Coconut (Coir) Fiber
Industry in Kerala, India, by Shobha K. Bhatia &
Jennifer L. Smith, 2008; Morgan & Claypool
Learning Outcomes
 To explain the various roles that engineers play in
 To appreciate the professionalism of engineers in
contributing to society.
 To position engineers to be proactive in meeting societal needs.Introduction
How do people perceive engineers?
 Whatever the popular perception of an engineer, this
lesson will focus on different roles of, and played by,
 Not exactly life overwhelmed by:
 calculations,
 designs (structural, hydrological, chips, fuzzy systems & control; cyber-security, etc.),
 drawings,
 Analysis,
 supervision of construction etc.
 Life as an engineer is more than this, and sometime he
plays roles which on first impression are not linked to
their professional training.
 It is stressed that the training received as an engineer is part of the reasons which an engineer can display his
The Engineer is versatile!
8Roles of Engineers
Various roles played by engineers include:
 Managers
 Scientists
 Experts
 Politicians
 Academics
 Others
9Roles of Engineers
Engineers as Managers
 Who is a manager?
 Someone who plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, executes, and achieves the objectives that are entrusted upon him.
 Career progression
 Are engineers good managers?
 E.g. Alfred Sloan of General Motors...
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