Engineer and Society

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Case 1: An inspector discovers faulty construction equipment and applies a violation tag, preventing its continued use. The inspector’s supervisor, a construction manager, views the case as a minor infraction of safety regulations and orders the tag removed so the project will not be delayed. What should she do?

The moral dilemma she suffered is either she should report the faulty to the higher administration, and told them the consequences if it is ignored or just follow the orders of her supervisor, removing the violation tag and continue the project. The moral issues occurred in this case is her supervisor that just selfishly ignored the faulty so that the project will not be delayed. In making a judgement, the inspector should consider and think what will happen if she follow her supervisor’s order. Her supervisor supposed to follow the safety regulation, and solve the problem before continuing the project. The option that is available are she could just follow her supervisor’s order without further action, or discuss with her supervisor about the faulty occurred and urge him to consider again, or report the faulty to the higher administration and let them act. The option that is required is that the inspector should discuss again with her supervisor and apply the violation tag as required, thus it will satisfy the safety regulation and keeping her career. The other option, will possibly cause her to lose her job, as the first option, the false will be blame on her if any accident happen, and the second option probably will make her supervisor report to higher administration for she report the faulty without the right procedure.

Case 2: A software engineer discovers that a colleague has been downloading restricted files that contain trade secrets about a new product that the colleague is not personally involved with. He knows the colleague has been having financial problems, and he fears the colleague is planning to sell the secrets or perhaps...
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