Hunger Games-Leadership

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Hunger Games Essay
Trying to relate the hunger Games to different leadership theories may not be a simple task because most of the time the author writes about the main character on her own and what she thinks about certain situations, so we do not have one of the components of leadership, which is that leadership occurs in groups. However, there are several situations where we can link leadership to this interesting novel. Firstly, I have to mention Katniss Everdeen, the main character. She was a young woman, with a really hard life. She lived in district 12, the coal miners’ district. Her father used to work in a coal mine but he died in a work accident, so after that Katniss had to take care of her sister because her mother was paralyzed. Every day, she and her friend Gale went to the woods for hunting, and after that they sold what they hunted in the market. She was a great hunter; she could use the bow and arrows like nobody else. Probably, all these situations that she had to go through made her a strong woman, ready to participate in the Hunger Games with success, and also made her a great leader. She could be tough as iron when it comes to hunt, or fight, but she also could be sweet when it comes to convince the audience to like her or to convince the capitol she was madly in love with Peeta (the other tribute from district 12), or when she was with her little sister. These attributes, helped her to suit to every situation or problem she had, and she went through that successfully mainly because she could adapt her style to different circumstances, like an opportunistic leader. Moreover, she was a very determined and smart girl, like a leader has to be if they want to accomplish every goal they set. For example, at the end of the games, she had to choose between killing Peeta and wining the games or dying and let him win. But she was determined not to die and going back home but also she was smart enough to realize that if they both die the games would...
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