Typed Notes for the Third Hunger Games Socratic Seminar

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Typed Notes for the Third Hunger Games Socratic Seminar
1.) On page 326, the game makers drained Katniss and Peeta's water source and led then to the lake to have a showdown with Cato. The game makers control the environment and "entertainment" value of the games. How do you think this affects the tributes knowing that they are basically puppets? 2.) In modern day, reality TV shows have been increasing, especially in competitive shows and survival shows. What aspects of our popular culture do you see in The Hunger Games? 3.) If Claudius Temple Smith did not stop Katniss and Peeta from eating the berries, what do you think Katniss and Peeta would do based on their previous actions? 4.) Why do you think the author chose to put on page 307, where Katniss becomes emotional over Thresh's death, when through the course of the book she does not become emotional over anyone except Rue and Peeta?

1.) I think the fact that the Gamemakers were capable of altering the arena to their own whim made tributes more resentful of the Captitol and fueled Katniss' reason to rebel. 2.) The Hunger Games serves the purpose of preventing another uprising and of entertaining the Capitol. Elaborating on its entertainment purposes, Caesar Flickerman is the enthusiastic host of the pre-Hunger game interviews with each of the tributes. Each tribute even has their own styling team to ensure they look their best in front of the cameras. Also, during the games, Claudius Templesmith is the renowned announcer. These are only a few among the many shared similarities the Hunger Games shares with our modern day television shows. 3.) I believed that Katniss and Peeta would've carried on with the ingestion of the nightlock berries just because their only other choice would've been to fight each other 'till death. Others (such as Samuel Rutzick) could have disagreed by saying Katniss only did it as a stratagem. Keeping in mind that Peeta had taken off the bandage, and as he and...
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