Human Sexuality Current Event

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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I read the article, Women Have Not Adapted to Casual Sex, Research Shows. The article was about how even though women now have more freedom to have casual sex, they don’t seem to enjoy it as much as men do. I think that the information in this article was kind of credible. They used an internet survey to ask 1,743 men and women who had previously had one night stands about how they had felt about it. I think that they could have added into the survey how old the subjects were and what (if any) minority group they belonged to. The article also did not specify what kind of survey was given. Most often, internet surveys will be Likert Scale surveys, where the subject is given a scenario and then told to pick a number. For example 1 would be “strongly disagree”, 5 would be “strongly agree” and 3 would be “neutral”. The only problem with Likert Scales is that people tent to lean toward neutral so the results are often not as accurate as they appear. The article was published by Science Daily on June 26th, 2008. I didn’t believe there to be any bias in the article and the opinions that were stated were from Professor Campbell from Durham University. Even though he is a professor at a University, it doesn’t really say too much about the credibility of the article. I don’t think that the information in this article had much of an impact on the community at all. The information is interesting, but there’s nothing really new about it. I think that better research methods could be used to get better and more information. Maybe they could survey more people or ask more questions. Maybe use a different survey method like, having the subjects answer the questions instead of picking a number on a scale.
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