Current Event on Aids

Topics: AIDS, World Health Organization, HIV Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: April 14, 2011
My current event is about how AIDS is the top cause for deaths in young women. In its first study of women's health around the globe, the World Health Organization said that the AIDS virus is the leading cause of death and disease among women between the ages of 15 and 44.Unsafe sex is the leading risk factor in. Throughout the world, one in five deaths among women in this age group is linked to unsafe sex, according to the U.N. agency. The data were included in a report that attempts to highlight the unequal health treatment a female faces from childbirth through infancy and adolescence into maturity and old age. WHO Chief Dr. Margaret Chan noted that women enjoy a biological advantage because they tend to live six to eight years longer than men. But in many parts of the world they suffer serious disadvantages because of poverty, poorer access to health care and cultural norms that put a priority on the well-being of men, she said. Chan called it a "preventable tragedy" that nearly 15 percent of deaths in adult women occur in maternity, according to the statistics from 2004.

This relates to Anatomy because it has to do with what is a leading cause in young women’s deaths. It is a good thing to know about this because since it’s the leading cause of death, women can learn what can happen if you have AIDS. Also, the women will learn that o be healthy and not get AIDS, women need to practice safe sex. It has to do with anatomy because AIDS is a viral infection and now we know that it can kill and women have to be extra careful and healthy so that we keep the number of people with AIDS low. That’s why it is important.

I liked this article because I think that it is very helpful for people. It is important for people to know what the effects of AIDS are. I think that people don’t realize that this disease for women is a major one. People need to figure out that it is very serious and if women don’t practice safe sex there is a chance that they could get it....
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